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Turn the Bag Blue & Gold Program Helps FFA Students

Mycogen Seeds partners with National FFA Organization, local chapters for agronomic training and fundraising

How can a seed bag help FFA students raise funds and learn? Mycogen Seeds is partnering with the National FFA Organization, local chapters and select retailers to promote a 60th anniversary edition, blue-and-gold Mycogen Seeds bag.

Mycogen’s Turn the Bag Blue & Gold program will work with select retailers and local FFA chapters in corn-growing regions to implement a comprehensive learning program that provides foundational agronomic principles and professional selling training. Chapter members will apply the training in the field by selling special blue-and-gold bags of select Mycogen® brand corn hybrids to local farmers as part of a fundraising program. 

Students will hit the field this fall
Chapter members will begin the curriculum this fall and, throughout the next few months, will work with local Mycogen sales, agronomy and retailer teams to call on local corn farmers to position and sell select Mycogen® brand corn hybrids. For every bag of corn sold, the local chapter will earn funds for their local chapter.

Mycogen is piloting the program with seven retailers and FFA chapters. Farmers interested in supporting the program and their local FFA chapter can contact one of the following participants or Mycogen retailers.

  • Aurora FFA Chapter, Aurora, Nebraska
    • Aurora Cooperative, Aurora, Nebraska
  • York FFA Chapter, York, Nebraska
    • Central Valley Ag Cooperative, York, Nebraska
  • Centralia FFA Chapter, Centralia, Missouri
    • MFA Incorporated, Centralia, Missouri
  • Bureau Valley FFA Chapter, Manlius, Illinois
    • CPS, Sheffield, Illinois
  • South Newton FFA Chapter, Kentland, Indiana
    • Ceres Solutions, Rensselaer, Indiana
  • Eastern Hancock FFA Chapter, Charlottesville, Indiana
    • Harvestland, Wilkinson, Indiana

Follow Mycogen Seeds on Facebook and Twitter for updates throughout the program. 


Published on Thursday, October 26, 2017