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Expanded Product Options With REVĀ® Brand Hybrids

Available through your local ag retail location, explore REV® brand products.

Providing tailored solutions for every acre is important to us. Through Mycogen Seeds retail locations, you can now purchase REV® brand hybrids. These products provide year-after-year yield consistency across the Corn Belt and expanded trait offerings so you can find something that fits your farm. Take a look at the REV brand products below and contact your local ag retailer for more information and product availability.

REV® 0217R brand

REV® 0235AM brand

REV® 0526AM brand

REV® 0526R brand

REV® 0578AMXT brand

REV® 0745AM brand

REV® 0767 AMXT brand

REV® 0827AMXT brand

REV® 1247 AMXT brand

REV® 1327 AMXT brand

REV® 1587AMXT brand

REV® 1817 AMXT brand

REV® 1884AMX brand

REV® 2098AM brand

REV® 2358 AML brand

REV® 2358 AMXT brand

REV® 2397 AM brand

REV® 2397 AMXT brand

REV® 2499 AM brand

REV® 2658 AM brand

REV® 2658 AMXT brand

REV® 8395AM brand

REV® 8528AM brand



Performance of REV® brand hybrids

REV® 5626 family

REV® 0578 family

REV® 0827 family

REV® 1247 family

REV® 1587 family

REV® 1817 family

REV® 1884 family

REV® 2098 family

REV® 2358 family

REV® 2499 family

REV® 2658 family



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Published on Friday, November 30, 2018